We’re Kim and Erran G…and we love love love to travel, explore the world, and live life to the fullest!! We love traveling so much we found a way within our existing careers to earn money while we travel.

We both work in the medical field, and In 2012 we followed our hearts, and decided to trade in our full time 9-5 careers to become Healthcare Travelers.. Which basically means we take contracts in hospitals all over the US. We work when we want and take off when we want….which for us usually means we work a couple of months out of the year, and the rest of the time we travel and explore our other passions!

We decided to sell our home, and everything we owned, pack up the car, and saddle up for a life on the road…full of Adventure, FREEDOM, Purpose, Passion & Travel!

It was THE BEST Decision We’ve ever made!!!

We are Nomads, Healthcare Travelers, ‘Minimalist” Wanderlusters, YouTubers, & Spirit Junkies!!

We created a FB group to Empower & Inspire other Healthcare Travelers (or total newbies who want to learn more about this “Travel Life” Thing)  We lead free trainings and share everything we’ve learned to help other travelers succeed and have the most incredible adventures on the road!


We also share all of our Adventures on our  You Tube Channel: Kim and Erran G


We hope by sharing our story…we can inspire others to step out of their comfort zones, move through their fears, and go after whatever it is that makes them HAPPY!!!

Where It All Began…A Deeper Dive Into Our Journey….

Our story goes wayyyyy back to 2007!!

And it’s a really looong one!!…..it’s a novel….a trilogy….with tons of twists, turns, obstacles and miracles on every page!!

So were going to save you 5 hours and just give you the cliff notes…..

Our transformation wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies……It felt really hard sometimes..…

But there were also so many break throughs, revelations, healings, and miracle moments….Life changing moments….It’s been an incredible journey!!

So in a nutshell…..

We’ve been together since 2007…and our relationship started out a little rocky…to say the least!!

We used to be overweight, unhealthy, unhappy, binge drinkers, over eaters, and totally disconnected from ourselves and our lives!!

We felt like we we’re just living life on autopilot..just going through the motions. We would go to work, make money. come home, go to sleep..wake up and do it all again the next day!

We felt like we were just living/working for a paycheck, but we weren’t really livng at all!

There was No Passion, No Purpose, No Inspiration.

We only had 4 days off of work a month, because we had to take so much call to fund this life we had created. (The high mortgage payment, the big 4 bedroom house..with all the stuff etc) At the end of the month, after all the bills were paid, we didn’t even have enough left over to buy a freakin PIZZA!!!

We were sick of feeling stuck…we were sick of just “making things work.” We were tired of working a 9-5 that sucked the life out of us, and living a life that just felt empty!

We had this burning desire deep deep down in our guts..in our souls….for more. We knew we were meant to do so much more! But we weren’t sure what it was, or where to begin.

We wanted to find our Passion/Purpose…We wanted to find more meaning in our lives…We wanted to create more FREEDOM in our lives!!

One day in October 2009- hitting our rock bottom- we knew we had to make some serious changes in our lives….So that day we committed to ourselves, to each other, to our happiness, and to our lives…..we set out on on a journey together….to totally transform our health, our bodies, our relationship, ourselves and our lives!!!!

And so it began……


Fast Forward To The Present….

We’ve lost over 60 pounds collectively, We are comfortable in our own skin, our bodies are strong, our marriage is thriving, we have a deep relationship with God, and we’ve created a life that we FREAKIN LOVE!!

We live in a way that’s in total alignment with what we truly value, and what’s important to us. Which is: OUR FREEDOM!! We work a few months out of the year, and the rest of the time we travel the world and explore other passions!! (Thanks to the freedom that being traveling healthcare workers has given us!)

We live our lives out of just a few suitcases, which gives us so much freedom to go where we want, when we want, and make decisions based off of what feels good to us!!

Now again…don’t get it twisted…it wasn’t just a snap of the fingers…we’re just giving you the super quick version. It was A LOT of work..and it’s something we work HARD AT & PRACTICE each and every day!!

We’re here to remind you of your TRUE POWER-that anything is possible- That you are meant to be happy- You are meant to feel inspired -You are mean’t to live a life you Freakin Love- You don’t have to stay stuck-You don’t have to settle- You don’t have to just “make things work.”

Life is to short to hang out in your comfort zone!!

The real fun/growth/ expansion happens when you take a leap- When you surrender your fears- when you go after what you truly desire-when you commit to yourself and to your happiness!!!!

You can Have/Do/Be Anything you want!! The power lies within you!!! And we hope by sharing our story…we can show you what’s possible..and crack you open to your fullest potential!!!!

Get To Know The Gipson’s

We are Spirit Junkies, “Minimalists”, and Gypsy Souls, who travel the World/United States with our Fur Baby Mimi La Roux.

Most weekends you can find us at the beach, hiking, working from our laptops, binge watching netflix, or exploring our new city/town/country, where ever that may be.

We are always in the mood for Good Beer, Live Music, Board Games, Good Friends & Adventures.

We’re KettleBell obsessed & we love creating Quick & Effective Workouts, that we can do ANYWHERE!!

Since we live in our workout clothes most days, on date nights we clean up nice, wear real clothes, and have a night on the town- which usually includes- Dinner, too many drinks, lots of laughter, and our dancing shoes!!

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