Personalized Healthcare Traveler Coaching

The Healthcare Traveling Profession can be a completely confusing and scary process!! That is why we are here to help!!!

With Our Combined Travel Experience of 10 Years, we can help guide you through your individual situation through all the grey areas that the Traveling Healthcare Contracts can bring.

How We Can Help:

  • Can I Be a Traveler
  • Finding the Right Company/Recruiter
  • Pay Packages
  • Per Diems
  • Selecting the Right Contract
  • Housing
  • Negotiations
  • Interviews
  • Traveling To and From Contracts
  • Preparation for your First Day
  • Concerns While Working
  • Mindset for Being The Best Traveler You Can Be
  • Being a Sounding Board and Support System for You
  • Clinical Support (within our own specialties of IR and Ultrasound)
  • and Everything Else In Between


  • $30 for 30 Minute Session
  • $60 for 60 Minute Session


Freedom In Scrubs Online Course

This online course covers everything you need to be a Successful Healthcare Traveler.  There are many areas of the Traveling Healthcare Career that can be very confusing and overwhelming.  This course will have you ready to travel like a veteran saving you time, stress, overwhelm, and allows you to make every penny you deserve, in the end a lot of money that otherwise would have been left on the table for the companies.

We will guide you step by step through the entire process from making the decision to travel all the way through your contract.  We provide video lessons, worksheets, cheat sheets, resource guides, and Tons of other bonuses that you won’t find anywhere else.

The most valuable thing we have in life in Time, this course will give you all the time to spend enjoying what this amazing career choice can bring and less time worrying and stressing over all the grey areas that Traveling Healthcare can bring.

WORKOUT AND NUTRITION GURU: HIIT Workouts-Healthy Recipes-Exercise Demonstration Library, and so much more!

The Workout & Nutrition Guru Helps Us Stay Healthy, Fit, & Feeling Our Best On The Road!

  • Save time with Quick, Effective and Simple HIIT Workouts, Recipes, and Healthy Living Tips and Tools
  • Stay Consistent and keep up with your workouts no matter where you are in the world…with our 30 minute HIIT workouts, you can do ANYTIME-ANYWHERE
  • Create a Strong Foundation of Health, so you have the Energy, Fuel, and Inspiration you need to show up for Life in a BIG BIG way

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